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Disclosure: I don't own the song. It's from the movie twilight. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Monday, February 27, 2017


So guys I don't have home internet no more because I decided to switch to at&t and avail their unlimited internet. So maybe, I won't be able to upload pictures and more travel diaries in this page no longer. That's kinda sad. But oh well! Let see what's going to happen in the fututre. Maybe, just maybe one day will have unlimited home internet provider again.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Bonnie and Clyde Monument

Yesterday 12.17.2016 the husband and I checked out Bonnie and Clyde Trade deals hoping to find great haul for my garden. I really wanted an Angel in my garden or something beautiful to display outside. We were able to buy a beautiful Flamingo, but their Angel is sold out. 
Also on the way home we stopped by Bonnie and Clyde's monument. This place is very significant because these is where Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed. Two of the most wanted Criminal in the United States. The husband and I are a sucker of History, Museums and Small town so whenever we get a chance to travel anywhere, we always look for museums and we love staying at a forgotten town.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

3rd Year Anniversary Photo-Shoot!

The husband and I went to Mt. Carmel for our anniversary "photo-shoot" It is located very close to the house. This place is one of the historic place located in Mansfield La. The little church was build 1891.In  1880, this place used to have a catholic monastery where the monks live. Also they built covenant school for girls.
The husband and I wanted to-take pictures every year.  Well, actually that's my great idea and I don't take NO for an answer. LOL!  Thank you Lord for the GIFT OF TRUE LOVE...


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Happy 3 years my love...

Today is our 3 years  anniversary. The day we both say "I DO"... 

Truth and behold, I love being married. I no longer feel alone. They say you must marry your best friend, but in my case the man I married become my best-friend. I can confide him anything and everything. We go anywhere together, and sometimes when he just got off work and people see him walking alone at the grocery store they always ask him where I'm at. We stick like glue together and I love it.

My husband is a very caring and giving person. I love how big his heart is not just for me but for everyone around him. One time, there was this old woman that live in a camper without electricity. Her old house was on fire and all left were ashes and dust. nothing material left And Thankfully she was not inside the house when it happened. Then somebody called my husband to check and see what the older lady need to hook up her electricity. My husband came and helped her from start to finish. He make sure that the old lady has electricity before he came home. My husband didn't ask for a penny from the old lady. He came home very tired but fulfilled. And when he told me the story, I cried because I am very proud of him. Yes! I married a true gentleman in the truest form.

I didn't expect too-much when I married James. I trust the Lord in heaven and that I strongly believe he will be a wonderful husband. And Every-time I look back on our wedding video, it still draw tears in my eyes. I love him everyday 100 times fold 100 and more. There is no exact context in the dictionary on how much I appreciate him and thankful beyond words how he makes me a very happy individual.

I continue to PRAY to the Lord God above, that He will bless our life with Good health, safety, and peaceful daily life. Many more and more years of marriage for US!  I love him so much and in fact I am in tears while writing this post.



Friday, November 4, 2016

Racing Boat

So OK. We weren't able to go to the lake to test the boat that I purchased as discounted item for product testing. The husband got sick and I played Doctor the whole time last week. And because of that I decided to just try the boat in our bath tub.I believe It ain't as convenient as playing it in open water, but it's better than not trying it at all before giving it to our little guy this Christmas.
The package includes with an instruction of assembling the antenna and batteries. That part is just easy as 1..2..3 if you know how to follow instructions. It also includes the basic remote control functions. You know I'm not a teach y person and remote control is not my thing. In fact we have a drone that I purchased last year as Christmas present to my husband and it's just seating around the corner. I don't touch it since I don't have enough patience on playing on it. 

Anyhow, back to the boat. It works OK in the bath Tub. I got what I want, which is just to test if it function and run in the water. I don't have any concern so far. The product to me is very descent and the price compared to the store is a lot cheaper. Truth is we bought the same exact item at the store last year for the little man. Our little boy in the family loves fishing and anything to-do with water. I have to say I can recommend this to anyone. I only have photo for now, but I will update this page with video once I tried it or maybe when the little guy plays it in the lake.

You can check the link below