Friday, March 12, 2021

A scare of a LIFETIME.....

One month ago I was so terrified with my dogs life. WE though we will lose her. 

It started out on that morning when we first woke up. Our dog Lilly sleep with us in our King sized bed every night. She is my only child you know. That morning, she looks normal but a little weak, so like always as spoiled as she is husband picked her up and put her on the floor. She always follow the husband whenever he is getting ready for work, but that day she just lay on the floor. When he checked on her he noticed she cannot even stand up. Her hind legs are not working and it looked like she broke her hips. Husband calmly approached me because he knows I will panic right away. He told me come and see Lilly. (that time I was in the kitchen just making coffee as we drink coffee together every morning). Then he showed me Lilly and told me it seemed like she broke her hips. He said I'll just go to the office and ask the boss I will take a day off so we can go to the Vet

One hour later he came back. I have everything ready so We rushed her to her Doctor. The Doctor visually examined her and without even touching her yet he told us that she probably be paralyzed for the rest of her life. There is this chronic disease on dogs that attacked her spine or muscles I don't know everything was a blur for me at that moment. I was so scared and I can't hide my tears in front of those strangers (Doctor and Nurses) Lilly is our baby. Then the Doctor X-ray Lilly and find out she has a slip disc. One of her disc is kinda pushing tot he side and that is the reason why her hind legs is not working. She didn't have a broken hip Thank God, But still her life is in danger. Doctor told us he think she needs to have emergency surgery. So we rushed her to the nearest Hospital for dogs. There they do MRI and blood test as they have more complete equipment. By that time Lilly looks normal but only she cannot walk. We waited a few hours. They put her on anesthesia as they were doing MRI and finally result came. They showed us a clear picture of her spine, inside the spine and explained us everything. Also they examined her blood to rule out cancer and result came she don't have cancer. Thanks God. 

They put her under medication and she felt better after 4 days. Now she can walk slowly, run and chase vehicles again and annoys me like crazy. ha. ha! But seriously although she is still not out of danger yet, at-least I can see her slowly gaining her strength back and be a normal happy dog again.   I love her to pieces and It breaks my heart see her not able to walk that day. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Our Colorado Trip....

 For those of you that knows me here in the blogs knew exactly how I'd like to see Colorado. Ever since 2007 the first state in the US that intrigue me the most is Co. I have seen it so many times in the movie, and I am mesmerized by it's beauty and also another reason is that something very personal.Let's not talk about it.

Finally October of 2020 the husband and I packed our bags and head north to Colorado to see the picturesque beauty of the Rockies. On the way there, I was totally shocked how different their landscape in comparison to the daily normal that I see in the south.  Some a little similar in some ways but the big picture is totally opposite. In the south we have so many trees and going north you can see nothing but an empty space filled with nothing, There's a little dry grass here and there. It was so dusty and windy that you can see tumble weeds all over the places,. Husband and I stop at one point to pick up a piece of tumble weed. ha. ha! We always see it in Matt Dillons show (Gun Smoke) so we were curious exactly what it felt to touch it with our own hands.

As we were driving, We saw a lot of windmills. That was the first time I saw such thing and I didn't realize how big they were. Husband park his truck close to one of the Windmill and we took a few photos. It was so cool to see it in person, and there were thousands of them along the hi-way. Then on our last day we plan to shot some prairie dogs in one of the town in Colorado. It is legal to shot prairie dogs in private land. Farmers allow you to let you do it in their ranch you just have to ask permission to the owner. Prairie dogs are nuisance to some of the ranchers because they make hole on the ground, and cows or horses may accidentally step on it and break their legs, that is the reason why some ranchers let you get in their property and shot as many as you can. But anyhow, that was so much fun. 

That is one of husband's and I memorable trip together. We see and experience a lot of first together. Questions if I would like to go back to Colorado and explore some more? Probably not in the near future. I would love to see Wyoming next and Idaho and Oregon. . But for sure our Colorado trip was one for the books.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer in our neck of the woods is beautiful like in most places all over the world. There are plenty of things to do during this season. After hibernating on the cold winter season and hiding in the closet during stormy weather (spring season), Summer is the best time to-clean our yard cut weeds and just enjoying the outdoors. Early summer offers plenty of opportunity to beautify our surroundings. After cleaning our place we also plan of going on a yearly family trip out of state. Seeing new places is also something I look forward every reset of the year. But this year 2020 is so different from previous years. This pandemic has been a blessing and a curse in itself. A lot of unexpected things happen on 2020. And I'm pretty sure everyone can relate.

So this year instead of going out and about a lot of us stayed home for most part. As per country or state in my case, we have different rules to abide. The new normal now is to wear a mask wherever you go. Some people fuss about it, but hey If I can save 1(one) life by wearing a mask I will do it in a heartbeat. I'm not gonna fuss and fight about it. 

Anyho, since we did not go on a trip last June, husband and I decided to stay local. He knew a guy that owns sunflower farm (private land) so he asked if we could go and take some photos. He told him YES and he said your wife can pick as many Sunflowers as she want. I am much obliged when he said that. 


I was expecting a bunch of sunflower facing  upward standing tall and proud, but I guess we came out a little late on the season that they almost wilted and died. We busted our A** laughing because of the reality of what I saw. I mean it's a little disappointing but hey, can we just laugh our mistakes? We put our trip aside for a week or two. Both of us didn't know that sunflowers wilt in the middle of July. We should have known because we have hot summer in Louisiana. But that something we learned and maybe we can catch them beautiful flowers next year. Still we take advantage of the few that was left and took photos of them. 

Also husband took a bonus photos of me. I guess it's just me but when you think of other countries, also you envision a picture of yourself in a rail road. weird huh? But yes, I dreamed of the photos. LOL! I've seen that in so many different hallmark movies. hahaha. So yeah, that is the bonus part. We passed by and old road and I can't let the opportunity pass by in front of my eyes. 


A scare of a LIFETIME.....

One month ago I was so terrified with my dogs life. WE though we will lose her.  It started out on that morning when we first woke up. Our d...