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Saturday, January 19, 2013

What will I be 10 years from now

My Internet connection is as slow as a turtle walk, but it did not stop me to browse around and check what is going on in the world right now. But for the meantime my brain have been hurting, understanding some English that I think only dictionary can define. So then I decided to write down some random things that hit me.

Perhaps this is a question that everybody asked about themselves but neither one can give such a definite answers. "What will I be 10 years Now?" I have been asking this question to myself since after I graduated high school. But no answers have been found. In fact I live with the question for many years, and now that I look back I realize that the answer is just in front of me. The answers to that question 10 years ago. I become the person that I never thought I would be. polished with experience in life is what makes me a better individual. a stronger. a more responsible and a grown up lady.

But what if I'm gonna ask myself that same question? I am now 30 years old. "What will I be 10 years from Now?" My honest answer is: I see myself as a beautiful wife taking care of my husband. I believe my fiance is the man that God saved just for me. God knows I deserve James because He knows I am a good girl. That is why 10-20-30-40 many years from now, I claim it. I am already Mrs. Lindsey :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Official and Sealed=HAppinness and FOREVER

I Love you As long as God wants me to live and beyond

Yes it's official and sealed. I am engaged to the man that always brings joy in my heart. Since day one when we started talking my man never fails to make me feel special. I feel so precious whenever I'm around him.He never yell at me or disrespect me even for a second. He is the BEST!

When he propose to marry me at my favorite church (St. Augustine Church-Manila 01.11.13) to me it was magical. The feeling of being happy is beyond words can describe. It was a dream come true. Aside from saying YES right away my reaction was shocked. When he kneel in 0ne knee and offered to put the ring in my finger my emotions went high. I was in tears, smiling from ear to ear and my heart beats as fast as it could. I thought it was just a dream so I pinch myself a little. I got hurt so I know for sure it happens. It's True. The proposal was beyond perfection!

James made me forget that once upon a time I had a broken heart. I thought I will never heal. But I was wrong.Now, I am very happy to-be committed to the man who I want to share my whole life with. This life's journey is not easy. Long distance relationship is never easy.But I know for a fact that ours will work. We shared the same goals. And We are a match made from heaven so there is nothing to worry about.

That same day and place, I promise not just to James but to God our creator that I will never hurt my mans heart. This is the happiest I ever had in my whole existence. I believe God answers my prayer in his own time. God knows I am ready to fall in love and take care of the man that deserves all the love in the world. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY. YOU ROCK MY WORLD
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Here's my ring :P