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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tired Day..

Right now as I'm writing this post my brain and eyes wants to shutdown already. It's my first day assigned in the Hotel room. As for me, the job is not that hard. Only the traffic on the way home that makes me feel exhausted..

My brain is really hurting right now. Maybe it's also the time of the month for me. that's why..

No significant thing happened today. I just wanted to rant and rave.. ehheheh!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Tip at the hotel...

wonder what's with the money??????

Well, I just feel so happy today. The reason is that because someone gave me a tip. I was at the lobby talking to my supervisor when I see an old lady walking towards her room. The lady had 3 bags in her hand. She's not alone walking though. The bell man was with her also helping her with her luggage. But because she still has lots of carry on bags, I approached her nicely and asked to help her.. She smiled and give me her bags.and said thank you..

So when I was in her room. She hand me a tip secretly. I was so shocked. I said "mam it's OK" while I waved my hands to let her know I refuse. that was my initial reaction. I don't know what to react really. I was shocked. But she did not listen to me, instead she put the money in my hand and closed my hand so other people wont see it.. I feel like my face turns red.. I was speechless. But before I go out I tell her "Thank you".

After that, I run to my friends and was so happy telling them I got a tip.. they all laugh at me.. Oh well.... I am just so happy for the grandma's gesture... She appreciate my being helpful.. yay! I am just proud with my tip.. ehehehhe!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

church Visit.. Work..Friends.

Today after lunch me and my friends decided to visit the park that is close to the hotel where we work. Since we still have time to stroll around I ask them why not get in. The entrance is just 5 pesos anyway..

I would say the place is very peaceful. I never thought about it at first since the park is in the middle of the City. You will see passerby outside going from north to south, East to West non stop. Cars and Jeeps blow their horn not minding if it hurts peoples ears or not.

I was surprised when I get in. Peace and Serenity is present while we are there. I did not waste a minute and get my camera(cellphone) so I can take some shots.

Here's few of the shots that my phone captured.

Meet the church wall...... and here's the old church standing so peaceful!

Couple that plans to get married in this church(I accidentally heard them talking about it) =)

Yours Truly making faces and taking a pose in front of the church...

I would say it's another fun day today. *wink*


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

It's Easter Sunday today but still I am working. I prefer not to have a day off so that I will be done with my hotel training fast. I have been waiting for this opportunity in a couple of weeks/months now. The Hotel training is stress-less compared to the restaurant.

While I clean the public area, I found a green egg under the couch. In it is a piece of paper(I forgot the content). I was so happy and feels like a kid. After I found one, my other classmates decided to look for more. It's so funny that we forget to do our task just to look for eggs.. haahaha!

After work, I went to church. It's the first time to attend service in this church. While I was there I have felt God's presence in me. It's a different feeling. trust me...

And Before I went home. I took few shots using my phone...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Sacrifice/Good Friday..

This is is the scene in the road as I was on my way to work. So many believers made penitence during Good Fridays. I feel how strong their faith are.

And on the way back home I ride with them in the bus. Their feet are all worn out since they walk all day long without sleepers on. It seemed like my tears fell from my eyes staring at them. I truly admire this kind of people. Words are not enough to describe their faith to God. You will be amazed really, if only you will see them with your eyes.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Hotel (OJT)

Today I had orientation at the hotel. the do's and don'ts as always. Then tomorrow me and my other four classmates will start working there. I am kinda excited but nervous at the same time. I don't know what to expect about the job. All I know is I will do the best that I can.

It's a new experience for me. I love the idea of working because at least I wont think too much of all the things that is happening right now.

Positive vibes keep coming.. Live, Laugh and Love.. what's the connect???? hehehe!


Friday, April 8, 2011


Two years of ups and downs.. Now, showing off the fruits of labor..

Congratulations graduates!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tough times

I was up all night. I just could not sleep right away so I spent time with my friend at home.

Today I will go to school for our graduation practice. I hated to attend the said event for some reason. I hope the money that I paid will be worth it. I don't know if I will be smiling on the ceremony. My family is not around here, and I feel alone. It's sad isn't it?

Aside from that my Grandpa died yesterday. I feel really sad and aching inside. I wish to see him on his last day but I know I can't be there.

Life has been so tough. full of trials along the way... but I am determine to be successful. Just one day at a time...


Good morning Sunshine

Good morning folks...

It's another day for me. Today my plan is to attend the graduation practice at school and then hopefully find a dress to wear for the ceremony this Friday. I have been searching for dress since last week, but I failed to find the one that fits me good. It's not that I'm very picky, It's just that I am maybe too big to wear a dress. hahahha!

I am living my day into a daily basis. My close friends are always around me here. They live just 2 minutes walk away from my house. Oh! BTW, I transfered a new apartment. I like it here better than the old one. Although I missed the people at the old house much. They are so good to me since from the beginning.

I have my inspiration of course with my new life. My family who is always there with me through the good and bad days. And the people that loves me for who and what I am.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time heal all wounds...

Once in our life, we will experience pain. It's a part of being human I believe.

Pain is a suffering not just by our physical body but also the emotion with in our soul. When were in that certain situation, we felt like being abandoned by the world. Sometimes we tend to blame the Lord why this agony happened. We did not realize that he is carrying us like song "foot prints in the sand".

I for one experienced a shattered heart few months back.

At that certainty all I see is a dark light. No matter how and what my friends advices me, I weren't able to appreciate it literally. What is clear in my mind is that I am hurt and wanted to end the agony through death. I did not eat for 3 days in a row. I just lay in bed and cried all day and night long. I was so depress and can't think of anything good at all.

But, as time passes by I felt like the burden inside my heart is melting. It's like the sun's appearance during the winter time as it melted the snow. As the sun goes up the pain is slowing down. It is healing by it's own. Now, I realize that when a relationship ends you don't have to dwell with that failed relationship all your life. The world is quiet big and wither we like it or not, we also have to consider looking at the other side of the world. When one side is dark, it doesn't mean that the whole world is covered with darkness. It's a fact, that the world has 2 faces. One is filled with black colors during the night and the other one is bright as it faces the day.

I am Thankful that God is with me along with my journey. He carried me when I was so down and can't stand up for a walk. He leads me and direct me to the right path in life. A BEAUTIFUL path that sure will bring goodness and happiness for a life time.