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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Cleaning

I'm tired. The husband and I have been working on our place the whole day. The weather is just perfect for spring cleaning and right now Our yard looks so beautiful. No more tall weeds in our surroundings. yay! Tomorrow my plan includes cleaning and rearranging everything in the house. The husband guitar is just seating right at the corner. I believe he needs a new instrument and this martin d-35 is a perfect candidate. He needs a guitar that produces a strong brass tone. I heard that martin d-35 is such a good buy according to the company's review. Maybe he will consider of getting this. will see.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Toledo Bend-Texas side

Hubby and I went on an unexpected road trip last Sunday. It was not our intention to hit the road  but because we were bored and hungry we ended up going to a restaurant at the boarder of Louisiana and Texas. True! We love food and we go out of our way just to find something different.

We cross Toledo bend bridge And oh boy! that bridge was long and beautiful. Not to mention the water is a little higher than normal (I was eve-dropping while the husband and friend were talking).

Here's some of the Photos from that short trip.

Of course! The husband and I...
And me . Me!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Louisiana Flood2016

We had severe weather the other day( March8&9) that terrified everyone that is living in North Louisiana.  The rain was pouring so hard that it's hard to even see the trees by the window. Lightning and Thunder was so crazy that made me decide to stay in the bathroom for an hour. It was horrible and it reminded me of typhoon Ondoy when I was in manila.

A few hours passed and the rain stopped. Then again came back with the same severity like what happened few hours ago. The husband is at work, so it was just me and my dog at home. Luckily it stopped again, but this time I see the water in our backyard rising so fast. I was not worried at first because normally with that type of rain the water will go up anyway since we live close to clear lake in Mansfield. But just 2 hours has passed and the water accumulate very quickly. In my almost 3 years here, I have never seen that water rise that fast. So that's when I called the husband. I took some photos and showed it to him. He has been very busy restoring power as they have a lot of outage that time. Poor man.

Took this photo At 10:30 in the morning

11:00 A.M my poor dog is swimming.
At 11 in the morning, I braved outside because I need to get my dog out , water is getting higher. I was terrified with snakes and alligator but hey, my dog is in need of great help so I set my fear aside this time.

Three(3) hours later the husband came home since he is just working close by. He called the boss and get off a little early because we have a lot of important tools in our shed. We need to save our stuff also. It was very heavy but we were able to lift the generator easy. LOL! I drove the Four wheeler and moved our land mower as it did not crank since the battery is down.  We were working in the rain for another 2 to 3 hours. I was shaking cold and so does the husband but we manage to keep our important tools safe. That was crazy!

almost dark.
Then night came and the water is still getting higher but no rain this time. Under the shed is now covered with water. There was nothing we can do but to prepare the worst thing. Furniture inside our house is not moved yet. The husband has a feeling that water will not rise as fast like the first few hours. I was worried sick, specially watching the news about the flooding in some other parishes. Our house is on a higher elevation compared to the neighbors. The water had been inside the house next to us. And Glad so many friends came to helped her move her stuff.

9 p.m when we decided to go to bed. We set the alarm every 2 hours to check outside. I did not sleep the whole time. I decided to go back to the living room and watch TV instead. The not knowing worries me more that anything.  Then around 2 A.M the water stopped rising. I waited another 2 hours before I went to bed to make sure we are safe. The husband woke up early. He told me the water is dropping slowly. I was happy to hear the news. I stayed in bed for another hour. I was exhausted from no sleep.

I am so Thankful to our Almighty Father that He answered our prayer.  The husband and I are safe. But at the same time, I am sad for all the other people around here. specially those that were affected bu this calamity so badly. I pray for them every-night before I go to bed.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Another Try...

So yeah, I know for sure you are familiar with the saying "Constant Practice makes perfect". and apparently that's what I'm doing. I like pictures a lot and it's kind of my little obsession at times. 

The husband often laugh at me when I asked to take his picture, and sometimes it hurts my feelings when he will tell me no :( . Perhaps I  may just be a trying hard photographer.  *wink*!!!  

SO here ya go.. my daily dose of photo editing. I'm just elated that I slowly learn how to further improve the quality of my photos. 

Petite Jean Arkansas!

Dirt road close to our house.