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Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Fun day...

Sunday. Hubby and I went to O'pines lake in Texas to enjoy a little outdoor activities. As planned we went a little fishing and some skiing with his colleague. Hubby drove the ski boat while his friend is dragged in the water. That was a total fun and exciting moment for me. As if I am the one who is skiing in the lake. lol!

The lake has it's pristine beauty and knowing that it was ours for that certain moment is such a wonderful experience. The water is still cool at 60 degrees F and for that reason, crowd don't exist yet. Hubby and I planned to do a little more fishing probably in the first of May. By then, we gotta make sure to stay there 2-3 days at least. We did it last year and I look forward to-do it again this year (just me and him).

Our plan this time is not just fishing. We also plan to explore that little town and maybe visit my friend who lived nearby. I hope the weather will be beautiful again when it's time for us to-go. Fingers crossed. this gonna be another memorable trip for me and the husband.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunny Day!

Beautiful weather. Indeed! Yep! After almost 3 weeks of rain and nasty weather, finally the Sun, shine again in this side of the world. It's been a week of pretty weather including the weekend. That means hooray! to some outdoor activities.

Yep! hubby and I plan to go fishing this Sunday in their company's private lake. It has been almost a year since we went fishing in that beautiful location. The last time we visited the place was when we went camping with my friend from Arkansas. It was indeed a fun experience. This coming Sunday we will be with my hubby's office-mate and his girlfriend. I met them twice already so I think I will no longer shy during our conversation. I know! I'm a shy freak! and it's a bummer.

Today my plan was to go out and clean a little in our yard. pulling weeds ( not-really), but this morning I saw an alligator drag mark in the lake, so that means staying in-door for honey while hubby is at work. In my opinion our place is somewhat scary because of alligator, but with no bias I think our property is very beautiful. Those that don't understand about plants and animals life very much are mostly the one's who is so scared to live in this area. But to me. I love our place. The alligators never bother me nor my husband since when he live here, that is why I am not scared at all.

Of course! being not scared and being cautious are two different word. Thought I'm not scared, I'm still cautious. Safety first! agree?

But anyways, I'm just excited for our weekend. Saturday we will do some cleaning in the yard then dinner with the inlaws. Then Sunday morning we will go fishing with hubby's friend.

Soooo.. Hep! Hep! Hooray to this beautiful week!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Photos...

Some random photos of me and Lilly at home.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prayer warriors please help us pray.

March 12, 2014 @ 2 in the afternoon. It was that certain moment when we got a crashing news.A lady that is very close to our heart is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I remember completely how I can't stop my tears from rolling down. It hurts me so much and thinking about it, still makes me sick on my stomach. She is my husband mother and I consider her my Mother in this side of the world.

I honestly love her, as She treated me like one of her own and love me like a little girl. I hope and pray that God will give our family enough strength to fight for our battle. My husband's family is very close with each other. Every weekend we always finds time to visit the in-laws. James look up his parent so much. He loves them so dearly not just in words but through his actions. Thinking about it makes me feel like crying again, as I knew how painful the news is to him specially to his daddy.

March 13, 2015 Friday we went with them on her first check up with her pathologist. I remember so clearly when the Doctor asked his daddy of how many years they have been married. 52 years he replied. Then he said again, Please Doc. help us to live another 52 years more. The Doctor smile and said: I promise to be in the driver seat and we will fight her battle hard. Daddy Thank him a lot. That certain Doctor is like a family friend to them. He is Daddy's doctor when he was diagnosed prostate cancer and now he is cancer free for 17 years. God is Good.

Today she will get more test and probably within this week she will start her chemotherapy.  According to the Doctor it is a painful disease so He gave her a medicine that helps alleviate the pain. Please my dear prayer warrior, help us pray for healing and strength to our Super woman. I lost my super woman 8 years ago. It changes my life and my families life up to this moment. Life is never the same at all. That is why I pray so hard for my mother-in-laws battle. I knew how it feels to loose one so I am also praying for the whole family. That God will continue to shine his light on all of us. That he will take away her pain and sustain her life longer on earth to be with her family and love ones.

This time is a one's hard journey for the Lindsey's so please keep us on your prayer. Thank you all. and God bless everyone of you!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Making Tea cake - Biskwet in Cebu

The husband has been telling me stories of how great his grandmother was. According to him, grandma loves to cook. She cooks for everybody; and she can cook fast too. One day, my husband told me how he missed his grandma's tea cake. Honestly I don't know what a tea cake is. LOL! But anyway, because he is craving for a tea cake we decided to look for recipes in the Internet.

...and Voila! We found one. The recipe is not complicated at all. So one Saturday evening after dinner, we decided to play around the kitchen. He was my chef and I was his assistant. According to the recipe chill the dough overnight, so that's what we did. Then the next day( Sunday morning) we finished our tea cake.

Hubby and I enjoyed the tea cake like a kid. When at first I don't have any idea what a tea cake was, now I knew. We have this kind of cookie when I was a kid; and we called it biskwet (cebuano version of biscuit).

So today while hubby is at work, I made him some tea cake to snack on. I hope he will enjoy eating it and hopefully this will give him a flashback again of how wonderful grandma was. 


Sunday, March 8, 2015


Louisiana weather is so unpredictable. One minute the rain is pouring and then all of a sudden it will change into a sunshiny day.

Today, we have a very pretty weather. The temperature went up to mid 60's and it's a little breezy too. I really wanted to work outside but the husband is working today. It's his on-call week, so I just ended up working inside the house. After all, I have a lot of dusting to-do before our new TV will be deliver Tuesday. Yes! We decided to buy a new one. Our Old 55'' TV retired yesterday so I guess it's time to upgrade into 70''  3D TV. I can't hide my excitement by the way.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

High School Ring

Social media played a big role in my life. I admit, without Internet my life will be lonely because I live far from my family and friends. This platform helps us ease boredom and loneliness while we live a thousand miles away from them. Internet is also loaded with informations, that makes life easier. Just like yesterday while I was talking to my high school classmate. I didn't know that we can customize our class rings high school. My ring was so small and there's no way it will fit in my finger, as I was so skinny when I was in high school. But anyways, yeah you can find variety of informations in the Internet. If we just do a lot of reading, we will come out a person that is full of knowledge. Oh warning! just don't believe everything though. Make sure to-do a lot of research first before believing what you read.