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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Parasailing Adventure 05/21/2016

Another day of Fun and adventure in Boracay!!!!

 When me and James went to Florida back in 2014, we really wanted to try their parasailing activity. But the thing is it is very expensive, that it will cost almost $200 for the two of us that includes the picture they took. So we stopped ourselves and decided to just do-it on our next trip in the Philippines. (that was the plan.)
Fast Forward 2016..... 
While we were in the island, I coward myself and backed out with our plan. I feel so scared that made me sick just watching all those people flying up above. Then again, I realize that life is so short not to enjoy every moment spent with the love of my life. My husband is never scared of heights. He is the real Superman!
So off We Go....
We begin to Go a little Higher
We dip in the water before we Go back to Our boat. That was FUN!!!!
It was so peaceful and calm up above. Took a photo of our foot (ala lang)
Our ride lasted for 15 minutes and we went 280 feet above the ground. The feeling of being on top of the world like a bird flying up in the sky is such a wonderful experience. I will definitely do-it again in the future.

This is how it looks like every evening in Boracay while we were there. Water is a little lower than normal
Daily view in the island while strolling around. Sand is real pretty!
Sometimes it looks like this when the tide starts to Go up. :)

So to anyone that wanted to try parasailing. Go ahead do it. The feeling of fear is just at the beginning but when you see the world in a panoramic view, it is something definitely something else and an experience you will never forget!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

First Bloom

I can't believe I'm learning how to make my picture pretty lately. I have been trying to practice basic photo editing and so far so good. I believe I'm in the right track now. I just wanted to keep my focus on something I really wanted to achieve perhaps it's not easy. Like I said flowers are my favorite subject because they are already beautiful and it only needs a little touch on the background. 

On the other note, I'm so bored right now. I guess I just miss the husband since we just got home from vacation and all I want is to be in his side every minute. LOL! The husband will just laugh at me because I am so clingy. what love can do. right? I just realize it's almost our fourth (4th) year anniversary. Time sure flies like a blink of an eye. I am Thankful to the Lord in Heaven for our relationship still feels like the first time we met. I am very content with we have right now. I am hoping and praying that God will continue to give us good health, so that we can have more time together here on earth.


Philippines2016m Part1.

taken in Boracay at Will's Hotel in front of the famous Grotto
The husband and I visit our family in the Philippines last May11-June02 of 2016. It was a much needed vacation for us because of what happened in the past few months. We enjoyed every bits and pieces of our time spend with family and some of my friends. I would say it was indeed the best vacation we had to date.