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Disclosure: I don't own the song. It's from the movie twilight. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NEw baby...

Monday I grin from ear to ear for the husband bought me a new baby. I talked to him last 2 weeks ago that I want to buy a DSLR camera. He's only respond? "will see". LOL! Since then, he never say anything, so I thought well, maybe I will get it by Christmas.

On our anniversary we really didn't get a chance to go out and celebrate. He's been very busy at work which I understand, for we knew it already ahead of time. I cooked steak and stir fry veges for our dinner and we opened our cake that was saved from last year. Still to me it was special.

 The next day, He got out work early and so we headed to downtown just to eat and do a little grocery shopping. Then hubby take me to best buy. As soon as he pulled up at the parking lot, I knew he will get me something. And I have a feeling I will get my camera.

I didn't waste any minute. I grab the one's that I like the most. All He said is "babe, I want you to be happy, because it makes me happier too". and by the way Your so spoiled. He added.I felt his love through his eyes. I knew he genuinely buy me something, even though it's a little pricey.

I love my husband not because of the material things that he can offer, but because of him being pure as a person and as a partner. I love him a lot, and no words can describe how much. .

But anyway, here's a sample photo that I took using my new toy. . And oh by the way, my dog Lilly is now officially my model. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

One year now... Forever to Go..

 Live more, Complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed

One year ago me and J promised to God and in front of our families and friends that we will love each other FOREVER. On that certain day we decided to be with each other through the test of time. . J helped me in so many things about life and built my confidence on a daily basis.

On our first few months of being together, it was a little challenge in the kitchen for me. I don't have a good skills with the skillet, stove and oven. I don't even know how to make a hard boiled egg. I remember my first hard boiled egg is an epic fail. It was very soft inside and a little hard outside. J said he did ate it,but I know now for a fact that he didn't. LOL!

As time progressed I learned a little tricks in cooking. Yes! I graduated hotel restaurant management and I should know better in the kitchen area, but I guess my education is not enough. although it helped in some ways but hands on experience is better than reading books and passing the quiz.lately, I am able to utilize our kitchen do experiments and do more practice that leads me to being passionate in cooking. I love cooking now, and our kitchen is one of my favorite place in our home.

On our first year, me and J did quite a few road tripping. We were able to visit three (3) states Texas, Arkansas, and Florida. We had our honeymoon in Arkansas and that's when I fall in-love the place. I think it's my favorite state so far aside from our home state Louisiana. From the colors of the trees on fall season to the people that we met along our travel is magnificent. Then Florida where mickey mouse live. I love that busy city. It was J's gift for me on my birthday. I remember when I was there, it seemed like the City did not sleep. the time passed by so quickly. Our three (3) days exploring Disneyland and Universal Studio weren't enough. But J promised, He will take me back there sometimes in the coming years. Then Florida's beach is a must place to visit too. It's beautiful and incomparable. Philippines has beautiful beaches too and in my conclusion nature has it's own elegance, that is why I will not compare our beach to theirs. Both are exquisite! Then we also were able to see the City of Dallas (Texas). Dallas reminded me of Manila and Cebu. The overpass, the traffic and the view is somewhat similar to where I originally came from. It's one charming city.

 In a span of one year (1) me and J have already come along ways. We were able to manage our marriage so alluringly. Although a little kiddy fights sometimes specially on my-menstrual cycle. But other than that, we never had any BIG issues at all. We also learn a little about each other day by day. I love waking up with my husband everyday. It sure is the most wonderful blessing by my Father in Heaven. Thank God!!!

I believe J and I are in the right track towards our goal to forever. All we have to-do is to keep the momentum going. Marriage do basically depends on how you treat your partner. As of me and J, We have so much hope for the future. We plan on traveling the world together. Seeing the world in our vision, experiencing life's journey holding hands. I never had any doubt that our marriage will last longer than forever. Our love for each other is more than enough proof that we can make it, even through the test of time.

I love you so much husband. I promise to always love and  complete your day as you completed mine. Happy One Year to US!! Cheers to our Journey to a life time...


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Guitar Adventures

I found a program in amazon on how to play a guitar. This program is highly recommended for kids since it is very easy to follow. I am actually practicing on the song Amazing grace and in just one day I am able to play it knowing I only have a very little knowledge about playing guitar. Although I haven't perfected it yet but I know I will get there.

 I am so thankful for this guitar adventure program that I got for free in amazon. I am having fun while learning at the same time.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Therapeutic.My Stress reliever

Last week I got so bored that I feel like I burst out into tears any moment. I even got the husband worried because as soon, as He entered the door my tears just keep rolling. LOL! He asked why and I told him I got bored. He gave me a hug me and we decided to go out and eat. Yeah! the story of my life in this side of the world.

So then, instead of being bored, cry and just blow off money to eat out almost daily. I decided to be productive. I worked outside the house. Cutting limbs, raking dried leaves and just do anything that keeps me occupied. I have successfully been able to divert my attention. The weather is very cooperative too. It's so beautiful. the wind is blowing into my face and Mr. Sun shines a little. It's never humid so I feel good.

 Here's a photo of my hard work outside. It's still a work in progress. Maybe it will take a week or two before I will completely finish this project. But for now this photo makes me happy. My sweat has been paid off because hubby is so proud of me. :)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Target Practise..

The husband bought me a 223 caliber gun before the Deer season starts. My gun has just been in the safe cabinet ever since. Me and J has been very busy and to squeeze in a few minutes of our time for a target practice isn't possible at all.

Finally yesterday (11-02-14) we were able to do-it. First the husband adjusted the scope for me and put a bullet in it.( mind you, I am still scared loading my own gun). Then the husband hand me the gun, and I begin to concentrate. My first shot is not a waste at all. I actually hit the target paper but way too far from the middle. Then goes my next shot and my last shot. The husband is so proud of me. Knowing that I never had a gun back in the Philippine. Here's what it looks like in that piece of paper after I'm done shooting.

The real paper has been mashed since we also use the 22 caliber to target practice. I had a great time yesterday. I just wish to-do it more often but knowing J I doubt it.