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Friday, October 24, 2014

Life Stop and Everything Freeze.

The husband and I attended a funeral of our sister in law's daddy last weekend. While listening to the family talking about that person's life , I made so many realizations too about life and the way I spent it.

Death. It is something we can never figure out of when it will strike.When a person died, it also means that all his daily activities are gone. Of course! it's an obvious reasons. During the funeral, I noticed that everybody stop and freeze for a moment. It's like the clock stops tickling too.

Being around in this crazy, yet beautiful world for 32 years is something I am definitely thankful to my creator. It is a privilege for me to live a very normal life. Bruises when I was a kid while we play, fun and happy memories with my neighbors and friends along the road. Heartaches and eventually fall in love again.

Life is like a cycle or a pattern in one. You are looking forward to grow old, and yet wanting to look back and be youthful and vibrant again. Living my life to the fullest is an understatement. I have lived and survived every passing day despite all the trials that comes my way. My faith is strong and that's one of the reason I survived. But life is full of surprises..We never know when it will hit us again for us to learn things the hard way. It never is perfect, and nobody lived their life so perfectly just saying.

It's a privilege for me, because I am able to appreciate more on the loveliness than the roughness of the world. I am able to enjoy every bits and pieces of my life, than isolate my world in complaining on the things I don't have and will never get. To smell the flowers out in our yard is just a little thing, but when you open your eyes widely and look it in a deeper perspective, It is something that is big for others and I consider it a blessing myself too.

Right at this stage of my life. I have nothing to complaint about. Well, I never consider myself a gripe person at all. I just wanna be happy and Enjoy my life with the person I love the most. Because we, really never know when our time is over. And perhaps when it happens, well I am confident enough to say that at-least I get to enjoy the ride so very much~!!


Refurnishing Our Home

A friend of mine just recently moved to a new house. They just finished unpacking all their belongings. Yesterday when I talked to her she told me she is actively looking for new furniture's. She considered buying it online and found the one she loves mostly at  goods home furnishingscentury. I for one also consider buying furniture's online. Our dent is not done as of the moment. We still need to-do a little work like changing the floor from carpet to wood. After the work I will be very excited to decorate our dent. For sure I will start buying a good looking couch and then matched it with a nice wall decorations. Finger's crossed. It will happen very soon.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Lilly

Our baby girl is a year old last Oct. 16 2014. We have been literally busy running errands in the past couple of days that is why I forgot to write a birthday post for my Fur baby.

I got Lilly last December as the husbands Christms present. Since the day of her arrival, the house becomes wild and noisy. LOL! Sometimes it honestly annoys me. ahaha! But when my girl is quiet I also makes her do things which lead to  being rowdy again.

My Lilly is very protective. When me and the husband play around the house like he will slap me or choke me, Lilly will run towards him and starts growling and attacking him. She never wants nobody to hurt her mommy. But when I kicked the husband Lilly will also attack me. LOL! She's very funny.

I am proud being a fur mommy. Even though she's not a real child, still. she is my baby and means the world to me.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chilly Weather

The temperature outside is constantly dropping. I'm sure it will be getting cooler in the coming days. I can't stand the cold weather, but I like the color of the surroundings though. In fact, this is my favorite time of the year as mentioned in my older post.

My dog Lilly is enjoying this chilly temperature during the day. She begs like human just to stay outside and play. But I don't let her stay out longer because of the alligator that wanders around the yard. Although I have only seen him once, but who knows he might just be lurking outside waiting for his prey to arrive.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

music stand

While cleaning in our spare bedroom, I stumble upon the husbands old music instruments. He has a couple of them that he didn't use no more. I learned that he loves music back when he was in his 30's. He used to play drum and guitar along with his friends. In fact he has tons of photos and videos playing and singing with friends. I'm sure he's a good entertainer.

I've also noticed that old music stand are more heavier than the latest model. I have seen a more lighter stand one time when we stroll around the mall. I guess musicians are happier with all the technologies we have in the present. Unlike before that for sure it is very hard for them to move their instruments from one place to the other. Now, most instruments are more lighter compared to the old stuff.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall season

I love fall season. It's the time of the year when leaves changed it's color. Although we need to do- a lot of work cleaning but, that's fine with me. I can manage that. It's my favorite season out of four. Especially in the mountain side.

Last year me and the husband went to Arkansas for our honeymoon. That's when I first fall in love the place. and to this date we plan of going back there again. I wish by then I have a good camera. I so wanted to take a beautiful picture of me and the husband. A photo with a good resolution. The husband is very shy in front of the camera. I think he find it annoying .LOL!

Every time we go out somewhere. One picture is enough for him. But, he can't stop me if I take so many photos of us. He will just shake he's head and laugh. He always tease me, about photos but nada. ahh ahhh! no no! He can never stop me. That's for sure. HE didn't try anyway.

I reckon 5, 10, 15 years down the road, the husband will be used to it. Who knows, by then he will be a selfie addict himself? ha. ha. that will be hilarious.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Hunting season

It's time for hunting season again. Me and the husband are so busy preparing for that day of excitement. For the past 3 weeks, we've been so busy cutting limbs and clearing the path way going to the husbands deer stand. Last week we had it finished and to me it was an achievement.

Our next project is putting his deer stand all together. When I say all together that means put walls and roof in it then we are all ready. The husband is feeling under the weather lately. I guess it's the time of the month for allergies to attack. I hope he will feel better everyday. Also the weather in the coming week is not very cooperative, which means it's possible that we won't be able to finish our project on deer season's first day. Well,all we can do is try and work harder. fingers crossed this gonna be an exciting season for me.

The husband already bought my first gun which I can use for hunting. I don't know if I have the guts to shoot a beautiful creature ( deer) God has made. I have a very soft heart.  Thinking about shooting them gets me teary eyed already. how much more in the real world? would I be able to do it? I'm not sure though.

We also set up our cameras and deer feeder on our hunting spot. And here are some of my favorite photos that we got.

This baby is so clever.

trying hard

Beautiful. isn't it?


Friday, October 3, 2014

New domain+Alligator

Finally I am able to transfer my blog from blogspot to my own domain. I love working online. I so missed those days when I try to stay up all night to write on my blog. I am not good of a writer, but I tried the best of my knowledge to write a decent article when I have a task.

I wish to-do some paid blogging again. It sure will keep me occupied since I am a stay at home wife. I don't know how to drive just yet that is why it's hard for me to work outside. The only way of transportation here is just driving your own car. If only buses and trains are available I will definitely try my luck of finding jobs in the outside world. But nada.. it's just a dream anyway.

Oh yeah! before I forget I had a visitor yesterday. and Guess what? It's an alligator. My husband used to tease me before about alligators. That they just wander on his yard. I did not believe it, I thought It was just one of his jokes. But no! It's a FACT!!! I have seen it with my two wide eyes yesterday.

I was horrified and call him right away, not knowing he's just in the drive way.LOL!! but He was not able to see it. It was gone so fast and we find it nowhere no matter how we tried.  But I was able to capture a photo of it in my phone for the husband to see.

It was unbelievable. It makes me wonder. Am I in the zoo? booo.. ehhe!

alligator in our yard :D