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Thursday, June 13, 2013

God is Good. My Birthday post.

Where did time goes? I can't believe time fly so quickly. It's my Birthday again and counting. Am I ecstatic to celebrate my day? The answer is Yes. Why?
  First God has blessed me with another year to enjoy life here on Earth. Despite life's curve balls that has been thrown to me, I still manage to get back my composure and stand firmly. The road to my 31'st is never easy at all. I can't hardly believe that I grow up into such a woman like I am today. I am a very good example of an ugly duckling that turns out to be a beautiful swan. Not just physically but as a whole being itself. And I owe it all to the Lord in Heaven and to the love of my life (my family.friends.and my inspiration my forever love James)

  Second reason today is not only my Birthday but also Me and my Forever Love James 1 year anniversary. aha! You heard me right. It's been a year since we exchange our first Hi and Hello's to each other. At first I was cautious. I have been through so many things in life and and having a relationship was never my priority. I am at one point a damsel in distress who is waiting for her prince charming patiently, but my secret weapon is to not rush myself  into a commitment that will leave me empty and broken once again.

 I prayed. I prayed hard. and I prayed even harder each day, that someday I will be accepted and be loved by the person that God wants me to-be. James came unexpectedly in my busy world. When I first dated him my instinct have been telling me already that he is the one for me. But because I was guarded, I decided to purposely disregard he's presence for a while. But to my surprise. He was there waiting patiently for me to spare a little bit of my vacant time. I was impressed. And with that being said .the magic word YES`! COME's out naturally.

Life's learning:
  Learning is a daily process. I'm sure like ME, you also have this unanswered questions and a Dream that are yet to come true. But I am telling you, never under estimate the power of prayers and believing in your dreams. You will be surprise to wake up one morning in your life that you have been enjoying those unanswered questions for a while. :)

with Love,
From the Birthday Girl. Honeybunch!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

My man.My Forever Love

Life has been tough for me in the last few days. But I am thankful I have the most amazing fiance anyone could ever have. He's been there for me and never leave by my side when I needed a shoulder to cry on.
I Am so lucky that despite the distance my forever love James has been there day in and day out. He's phone is open 24/7 and he is just one text away.

Dude! I love you so much with all of my heart.