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Sunday, May 24, 2015

My top 5 why I love the country-side ...

I have lived and worked in one of the busiest City in the Philippines. I've visited one of the most Crowded tourist destination on Earth when we went to Disneyland and Universal Studio in Florida. It's all worth the visit and experience., But the feeling of exploring the country side of every place is incomparable.

Here's my top 5 list of why I love the Hillbilly's.

1. Peace and Serenity all to yourself. When you feel like everything is crumbling down, just step outside your home so you can hear the birds sweet melodies as they sang their hearts out in the wilderness. It is in this moment when you can truly appreciate the beauty that God has made. Spell positive life!

2. Traffic and Pollution is out of the Equation. I hate traffic. who wouldn't? I once lived and worked in the big city. And traffic is always a nightmare. But now that I am living in the country, I noticed that roads are all empty and it feels safe to travel around. 

3. Simplicity is handy. I love simple living. My childhood was pure and simple, that's where the greatest joy of my memories came from. In the country, simple living is very easy.

Simply Lazy

4. Picturesque Environment.  I am a big fan of photography. In fact one of my dream is to visit every national part all over the country. Rustic and Majestic view truly impress my heart, and capturing it, with my own lens would be a dream come true. Since I am living in the country, I feel like I am living my dream too. Everything here is picturesque. I never get tired of taking pictures all over our place.  
Blanchard Cave in Arkansas

5.Environment & Wild Life Encounter. Like I said in the past. photosynthesis happened at it's finest. I get to enjoy and watch the changes of my environment beautifully as the season change.

my little friend, is taking a little nap :)

So there ya go. My reasons why I love living in the rural area.. I can't ask for any better place.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Honey's Chiken Wrap

In an attempt of creating a descent meal for the husband I decided to make my version of Chicken wrap with a a sliced mango on the side. As usual, hubby loves it and it added a smile in my Filipino cheeks.

Here's my recipe:

Boneless Chicken breast.
Chicken Stocks.
Salt Pepper to taste.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Wheat Flour Tortilla.

Boil Chicken in a pot with chicken stocks. (add salt pepper to taste)
Grill boiled chicken in a George foreman grill. spray EVOO on chicken.
while grilling chicken. Prepare your veges.
Cut tomatoes in cube. and wash your lettuce in a running water. :P
Once chicken is cooked. Assemble it with your wheat flour tortilla.
Serve it with a kiss to your love ones. hehe!

Voila! there's your chicken wrap from me. Enjoy!


Playing Trumpet

Summer is just around the corner but this nasty rainy weather still lingers in this side of the world. For those of us that wants to-be productive and try to learn something new, I have a good news to share with you all. A newly designed Trumpet has been introduced in this high end world. Their musical instrument especially their muter is now modernize, and is very easy to use. Aside from that, they created more designs to fulfill musicians demand. I believe this is also a very kids friendly instrument. How wonderful it would be if the little man in our house would learn how to play Trumpets. That must be awesome!


Sunday, May 17, 2015


My cheese cake chocolate shake! I promise you, ka level xa ng sonic flavored shake....

 A slice of cheesecake.
2 Tsp chocolate syrup.
4 Pcs. strawberry.
1/3 cup fresh milk
Whipping Cream

sooo... Yummy!

And Ohhhh.. So Glorious too :)


Interesting Finds...

While the husband is taking a short nap before we head to his parents place I decided to seat in front of my computer and browse around. It's been a while since I did my favorite hobby, online shopping. Then I just find out that yamaha  just created a new ultimate performance keyboard the yamaha tyros 5. When I read the instruments  over view and see the features my jaw dropped. This instrument never cease to amaze me. Yamaha always produce such great product with an excellent monetary value. Good job!


Friday, May 1, 2015

The Five.. Never stop learning...

James and I are huge "The Five" fan. It is a show in Fox news where they get to debate current issues be in politics, sports anything. At first I dislike the show a lot simply because I don't understand what they are talking about. I thought the show is only for smart people. The husband is hooked to it before I got here so I don't have a choice but to watch with him.

 But as time progressed, I start liking it as much as the husband did. Though I'm still in the process of getting to understand the topic but at least I get to share my thoughts and some views about certain issues. The show helps me broaden my knowledge not just about life but of what's happening around the United States or even globally. I am not that kind of person in the past. I am so luck of confidence in myself and my understanding about certain things are so limited. I focus solely about my own life and experiences and pay less of an attention to what's going on outside the box.

Now I am a little prouder of what I learn on a daily basis. I get to expand my education by watching movies, news and talk shows or by simply talking to the husband on our normal conversation. Lately, I am hungry in learning new things. I'm a late bloomer I know. But the fact that I don't wanna stop learning is a good thing.

Perhaps, I am a work in progress as of the moment, but in reality I know I will get there. I am not in a hurry. I enjoy my baby steps in a world that is new to me.My husband on the other hand is my strength. He is very proud of whatever I do. He just love me so much, and that's where my courage and determination came from.

But anyway back to "The Five". The husband surprised me with Dana Perino's book. He knows first hand of how I admire Dana in the show. She is very smart. She handle every debate with grace and open mindedness. She's a good example of Intelligence and that being humane is handy. I simply adore her.

So here it is... a picture of my first real book ever.. I am looking forward to so many more educational books like this. Good-luck to my journey. Hope I can-do it. I knew I can!