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Disclosure: I don't own the song. It's from the movie twilight. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Loving the husbands anniversary gift for me. A Diamonds in Rhythm Necklace. I remember telling him that I wanna collect jewelries. And was surprised when he take me to the jewelry store a day before our anniversary. Thankful for the husband's generosity. :)But more than anything, I am very Thankful for the Love we shared together day by day. I feel blessed since the day I married my man. Praying for many more years to celebrate with my man. I love him so much!


Christmas Shopping

Christmas is only 38 days away and the struggle of Christmas shopping clearly begins. My family in this side of the world normally exchange gift (woman-woman, man-man). This year is gonna be hard because James mom passed away 2 months ago. She loose her battle of pancreas cancer on James birthday. :( . I knew it was so hard for my husband, and his birthday for sure will never be the same again.

But anyhow, I would probably buy another musical instrument for the little man(james grandson) this year. He showed me his list the other day and one of which that he ask from Santa is a 9v adapter for his guitar. I don't know what happened to his old one. He also asked a robot, that do some chores, he said mom always ask him to-do something, so If he has a robot that could help finish his chores fast that would be great. LOL! This kid is something else. haahha!


Louisiana State Fair2015

The husband took me to Louisiana's State fair 2 weeks ago. The crowd was overwhelming. I never though Louisiana has that number of people. LOL! It was the first time I saw wave of people in this side of the world. We stayed there until 8 in the evening. We Ate funnel cake, corn dog, chicken in a stick, cheesy fries and drink coke. lol

I had so much fun and my feet almost retire. It hurts so bad from walking in one corner to the other. But the most important thing is hubby and I get to enjoy each others company and experienced to be a kid again.


Bundle up!

It's the time of the year again where you have to bundle up whenever you go outside.   I have been walking with the neighbor for a good one and a half months now. It was yes! a great routine at first. But since the weather in this side of the world already change, my mindset changed drastically too.  I am glad I got a new winter clothes. My husband and I are more in Cozy Winters, that's why our heater runs 24/7 during this season. Though I get too lazy waking up early for a walk, I still push myself and just bundle up. gezzz! I hope this is not a long winter season like last year. Fingers crossed!