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Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's Sunday and I am up so early. During work days I always wanted to sleep some more but the alarm clock is baging me, telling me to get my a** off in bed. Now that it's Sunday I'm awake so early. Confusing eh!

But you know what I am so happy with this new job of mine. The people that I'm with are nice and friendly and I am so thankful. They are very helpful too. I am a newbie in this industry so honestly I need as much information and help as I can get. So far so good naman.

Monday will be our first product training. According to the tenure if one can't pass this training that means she/he will be terminated from the company. But I am very positive person and I know I can do this(just to blow off my being nervous. ehehe). But seriously I know I can pass it. determined eh!

It's Sunday once again so I better get myself ready for church. I have a million reasons to be thankful to God. It's true that sometimes life doesn't treat me nice, but God's arms are always ready to give me his BIGGEST HUG! :)



Monday, January 9, 2012


Been a little busy already. My 2012 is interesting as I have posted earlier. I so love the feeling of having the time to breath good and be thankful in everyday of my life.

I am also waiting for my BIG Opps. According to the last email I received, it will take 3 and 1/2 months for the approval. Now I am on my 3rd month and that adds up my excitement. I just keep on praying that everything will turn out right this time. My faith is strong and I believe it will happen.

For now locals keeps me busy and shopping too.(ha. ha. yabang ei). Seriously I shop for cloths because my office wardrobe is empty. Good thing I have a sponsor! naks!.. :D . We have dress code at the office so your lola is having a hard time daily of what to wear. Ka lurky!

So anyway I will leave you with this positive note for now. Wish you have a good start my friends. :)

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have a Fabulous 2012

I spent my New Years eve at home. I am not alone though.When 12:00 A.M strikes I then open my door and watch fireworks. It was magical as I feel like it falls in my head. The neighbors was with me also while watching. That is why I never felt alone. :D

This 2012 I felt like a different person. My maturity level goes up. Seriously I am more responsible in terms of making decisions and creating goals in life. The drastic change perhaps help me a lot. I will never ever forget the 2011 learning's.

I am completely a new Honey. Armed with determination to reach my dreams. It doesn't matter even if I will walk solo this 2012. Although yes, I admit I missed to be with someone sometimes. but it's OK. Life anyway is temporary. God knows the desire of my heart so I will leave it up to him. He knows a lot better more than me..

My 2012 is kinda exciting year as I look forward to 2 different things.
1. is about work
2. is about ________

Have a sparkling 2012 friends!