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Friday, April 25, 2014

Texas Short Trip...

Last week me and James decided to hit the road for a short trip to Dallas. He's been working so hard last month because of the storm so I told him he needed some break.He ask for a 2 days off from work which is Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is a holiday anyway and Saturday Sunday is his regular day off, So we had a very long weekend. Yay! to me.

Our Itinerary starts in Dallas World Museum.

The museum is very neat. It feels like your in the the jungle that is located in the middle of the City. The first part of the museum is a miniature water falls where you can see different kinds of monkey, birds, peacock, lizard and many more animals. 

After world museum we go straight ahead to Ripley s Believe it or Not and Wax Museum.

Selfie! Selfie! with my labs.

After Our Wax museum visit, we hit the road again this time just to see what the City of Dallas looks like. We traveled around for a couple of hours before we decided to go back home. It was really a short trip, but Indeed a wonderful one.

My husband is very consistent in making me happy and I love every minute spending time with the most amazing man in my life.