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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer fun with neighbors

I found me new set of friends. Well, actually they are my neighbors for 2 years but this is the first time we bond together. It is funny because in the past years every time we see each other we just nod our heads and smile. no words even utter in each others mouth Or maybe just a little Hello. Our dogs are blessing in disguise as because of them I get to know my neighbors a little more knowing they are just 20 steps away from my door and we shared the same gate. ehehhe!

I am a shy kind of woman, and the neighbor T is also. But now, I am one happy girl coz of Maya & My Angel Sassy(both my dogs) I earn me a new friends. I know I can trust this people plus even from the start they are the nicest neighbor anyone could have.

Here's some of our photos. .. Psssst. I'm just so fat now, so i don't take a lot of photos. smile p rn khit awkward na.. hahaha!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shower time for my Girl...

I just wanted to share a video of my Maya while I gave her a bath. To me she's just a cute little thing. And as her mommy, I'm so proud of her. She does fill out some anonymous void that I felt inside me everyday. I am thankful she came into my life. :) pssstt... excuse me for my annoying voice in the video. heheheh! 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

HOT. H.O.T!!!!!!

I don't know what happened in this side of the world where I live. It's excruciating hot lately. I'd rather want to bundle up myself than experiencing this kind of heat. I know rainy days is coming. I don't want too much rain either. I just want a cooler temperature. a more comfortable one. I think this weather is OK if only I have A/C at home. The fiance wants me to buy one, but the hard headed and stingy me that is stopped him. I just don't want him to spent too much money about stuff at home. I know I can handle this.

Right now, the fan and cooler is working 24 hours a day. Well, sometimes I do turn it off for less than an hour so they can rest. LOL. Seriously, this temperature don't make me feel good. I wish this will be over with or at-least just cool down a little. Oh! I will definitely be a happy camper :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Maya and Friend HAnsel

I'm sure this blog will be flooded about the stories of my puppy/ies. My puppies keep me busy at home. It feels like I have a 2 year old baby inside my room.. This penguins are a mess and I love it, :)

This is what they do at 2 A.M. 
Aren't they adorable? Oh! by the way. the black puppy is owned by my friend. She is on vacation with her hubby, so I am keeping her for a couple of days. She is literally a big mess but I am also in love with her so it's OK. :)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

I don't know why I am sad today. Prolly it's almost the time of the month for me that is why I have a swinging mood. I hope to feel better later so I can finish my task at home. I don't wanna be grumpy the whole day.

Please positive vibes hit me, Your I needed this time... Please... :(


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Introducing Maya my adopted askal. :)

Hello y'all. I'm sure you remember me crying about the loss of my first puppy (sassy) Yes. It has been almost a month since she left. Watching her video still made me cry.

But anyway because I don't want to mourn forever don't get me wrong of course I love sassy forever and she'll always have a special place in my heart. What I meant to say is that I don't wanna be sad and feeling alone while James is away so I get me another puppy. This time I just bought her at the mall for a cheaper price. I think she is a mixed Askal with a foreign blood. he. he. I named her Maya. [ because I am a fan of please be careful with my heart, the Maya and Sir chief tandem. This is what I believe Maya my puppy will take care of my heart :) ]

She's been so sweet since the day I got her. I trained her not to potty inside and she learnt very quick. smart a** puppy. I just learned that It's more easy to communicate with them when you look  at them in their eyes.
Also I try to teach her some basic command, and she got it fast. less than an hour imagine.? smart huh??

Here's a video of her. I am proud momma.. LOL!



This is what the temperature is right now in this side of the wold. Seriously I need an air condition today.tomorrow and the whole summer. It's so HOT! grabeh! Exaggerated ang pagka init!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!