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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Shopping

We've been doing a little Christmas shopping since the start of the this month. It's so hard to find gifts for our everyone. It seemed like they have everything they needed and some of their wants. I know Christmas is not about the material things we can offer, but still Christmas shopping stressed me out.

I am actively looking for some Gifts for Drummers ideas as our little man loves playing drums in the church.I'm pretty sure he will enjoy it. He's in the perfect age also to start learning new things, and playing musical instrument is a good thing. I will ask the husband about it and finalize my decision before the day ends. Hopefully the little man will appreciate this gift one day.


Hunting buddy

So Yes! We been hunting almost every weekend and on holidays. No I',m not feed up! I am enjoying going in and and out the woods. I am not scared either. The husband allow me to experience so many things. I never thought I'd be a great country girl. Oh by the way. a soft hearted one. I can't shoot a deer. I saw them one time and is so ready to pull the trigger but my tears just keep rolling on my checks. lol! So I decided to just enjoy myself spying them in my scope. The husband just smile at me.

with the best husband in the world


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving tale.

The husband and I have been so busy last week(nothing's new). It was his long weekend as he decided to take some of his left vacation after Thanksgiving. We go from here and there. We visit families and go shopping with mom and daddy. We went hunting as usual and don't get a chance to get any as deer never did move on hunting time. It was kind of frustrating, but I am hopeful for the husband to be able to shot that 8 point deer, the one we saw on our game camera. Fingers crossed!

Anyhow, yes!that's how our weekend goes. It was one tiring but very fun times for me and J. The most important thing is we get a chance to spent time together which will be posted on my next entry.