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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas World...

 we will not forget that,

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Love Y'all


Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Blues whatsoever!!! :)

Today is Monday and the 23’rd of December and I feel sad. Christmas is coming and I am pretty sure most of the people around the globe are excited. Don’t get me wrong. I am very excited Ok? It’s just that theirs inevitable feeling of loneliness and alones in my heart today. 

Maybe because it’s Christmas and I miss my crazy family. It might be Christmas blues as they call it. While everybody in my neighborhood is busy preparing gifts and food for every one, I am here in this very quiet place alone, enjoying just me myself and I. 

I can’t help but get teary eyed. I missed home. I miss the chaos that everyone did during Christmas time. The Loudness of the videoke machine in the house and the voices of my nephews and nieces. The laughter of everybody during Christmas Eve. The neighbors gathering in the road, and most especially the little ones Christmas party. 

But even thought I felt this way, I won’t let it pull me down. I will still be looking on the brighter side that God give me a wonderful husband who is willing to-do anything and everything just to make me happy. God gave me a beautiful family in this side of the world too.

I hope the husband will not work 16 hours again today like he did yesterday. It’s been 2 days after the storm so probably a lot of people have their lights back on and hope only few works left for them. I will try to keep myself busy again. The Sun is shining so boldly and I am happy for that. I will push my window cleaning outside. I know the temperature is a little bit cooler which is 2 degrees Celsius Dang!!!!but I’m fine. I will just wear me a warmer clothes.

Oh sya! Emoterang Frog is now signing Off.

Love Y’all


3 Days Before Christmas...

Today is Sunday but I don’t feel like it is. The husband has been very busy working all week including this day. I never complaint of him being a hardworking man. In fact I am very proud of what He is. I keep myself busy while he is away. I clean and disinfect every corner of the house. It helps and keeps me occupied the whole day. 

Now, I am seating and relaxing while browsing around my friend’s blog. I missed the blogging world, but it seemed like I forgot how to write stuff. I can’t even compose a decent post. Oh! Well. I still stick to my Diary thingy. LOL! What an excuse. He. He. He.

Anyhow, my blog crossed my mind while I do my chores earlier. First I am thankful that I learn the blogging world 6 years ago. Who wow! Been a while huh? That way I have myself a little diary of the things that I’ve been through.
My journey wasn’t easy like yours I guess “Insert a smiley face here”. But it’s all worth the ride. Right?

Soon it’s going to be Christmas and I am very excited coz this is my first Christmas being Mrs. Lindsey. And I sure Pray to have many more years of spending Christmas with my husband.

Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours...

 From the Lindsey.....
Love Y’all


Friday, December 13, 2013

Trip to Arkansas

I have nothing to-do at home today. There are chores to finish but I decided to procrastinate. I feel a little bored staying at home alone. I probably missed everyone back home because of last night’s chitchat at Skype. I wish I can walk outside with my snickers. The husband doesn’t allow me so I have no choice but to stay at home. HE said “it’s not safe to walk around, because of the truck stop.  There are so many people from around the United States that stop over there, that is why He don’t allow me. Kidnap for ransom and peg teh? LOL…

Anyhow, I’ll just be posting some photos our me on some of our trip.. 

Arkansas Trip:


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daily life

I love waking up every morning with white surroundings. It's not snowing but it has frost all over the yard including the lake. It looks like crystal when the sun shines on them.

Another beautiful scene that I see everyday are the birds in the birds feeder and in our backyard. They all look so pretty while busy nibbling the food I prepare for them. Everyday they just keep coming back. It feels like they know their free and easy access source of food. LOL!

The husband has been very supportive. When I told him I want to feed the birds, He bought me a 50lbs sack of bird feeds. Ain't he adorable?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 2nd Month in the U.S.A

Coming here in the United States is not easy because I never know what waits to unfold for me.
Two months ago I flew in the land of the brave because the love of my life lives his entire life in this beautiful country and there’s no way yet for him to stay in my homeland for a longer period of time. When I left Manila I will not deny the excitement I feel that finally I will be able to share my entire life with the man that God has given me, and sad at the same time to-be apart with my family and friends whom been there for me through the ups and downs for 31 years. I had a roller coaster of emotions at that time, but still manage to-go with the flow of life. In my mind this is the life I choose, there’s no other option for me but to be strong and still.
 Yet and again two wonderful months has passed by and all I can say is that I am in my happiest every day. Waking up every morning with my husband is something I am grateful to our Lord Almighty. The family accepted me and treats me like their own since day one is another blessing that every woman fantasized. I felt so love and valued as days passes by.
Right now, we start creating beautiful adventures and memories to look forward for the future. I enjoyed the fun and exciting conversations we shared in our every visit. I can laugh my ass off. But I am still very shy though. When it’s my turn to talk and all attention are in Me, I started BUFFERING. LOL! Thankful that they are very understanding and the husband is there to rescue me and help me explain. . But then again I will not worry at all because I know they love me so it’s easy to be myself.
So to all my families and friends back home, don’t worry about me guys.  I am definitely in Good hands.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Wedding

 Yes!!!! you heard me right... I am officially married...


I am so Thankful to our God almighty for HE never fails to answer my prayers. He brings me the man that sure knows what FOREVER means. I am no longer sad or lonely in my daily life. With so many PRAYERS and patience God rewarded me the BEST.

I am in my happiest everyday. I will continue praying to God for his blessing of our married life.I know HE is there for us 24/7 of our life. 

It's official.. Single life is Over.. :)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daily life

It has been 3 weeks since I step my foot here in American soil. Everything is perfect. We have daily routines as a couple.

While the babe is at work, I just keep myself busy doing chores at home. This is our hiding nest anyway so I make sure to make our home a better place to live. I reposition everything inside the house. LOL!  I feel adjusted to the food. We cooked rice daily and He says non about it as he loves it too.  
I am enjoying my life here in Louisiana with James. He is God’s wonderful blessing in my existence. I am very much Thankful in every little thing he did for me. I quiet hardly believe still that I am now sharing my life with the man that deserves my heart. I am used to live alone and now I live with the babe in one roof. Wow! Am I dreaming????

Waking up every morning with the babe is a dream comes true.  I know for sure I can be a good wife. I want to make him feel lucky for choosing to-be with me. He makes me feel so loved every day.

 I know we have a long road to take together. But as long as we have each other’s hand, we don’t have to worry at all.