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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home.. sick.. birthday!

I have nothing to-do as of the moment. Staying home for 3 consecutive days is no more fun. I just love my work as a consultant that is why now that I am on sick leave due to my cough I feel like it's so boring at home. But it's OK. I have so many to do's anyway..

I wanted to share how excited I am lately. Some big event will be coming soon . OMG! How I wish I can tell the world about it... I am just not allowed so I'll keep mum then. ha. ha. ha.

Right now, I plan of making a video of myself singing LOL! but people around me are sleeping already I'll just do-it tomorrow nalang.. :D

By the way..

.. Thank you so much to all the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that send me Flowers, Birthday greetings through phone calls and text messages,Private message,comments, Likes and to my friend that surprises me on my birthday. To be honest I don't have any plans of celebrating it, that is why no invitations sent(it is for personal reasons emote lang and peg ko sana). But anyways, Thank you so much guys.. From the deepest part of my heart, your gesture is truly appreciated.. Spreading love and positive vibes to you all. Yes! I am officially 30 and counting.. hahahahha...


Friday, June 22, 2012


I thought happiness is so hard to achieve. When I had my first major break up I thought my world is over. I though that I cannot find happiness no more in my life. to be honest for quite sometimes, my life is trapped with loneliness and fear. I fear to face the world and because of that I was so lonely. Lonely not in the sense that your longing to be with someone so badly, but lonely because I feel like I am abandoned by the world of happiness. I thought there is no room in this beautiful world for me. That was what I thought. And I was completely wrong...

Now, I see myself again. A carefree individual who is given a second chance. I'll make sure that this time around I will protect my heart. No one will take care of it except me alone. I know that I might be making a no good decisions or will be experiencing bumpy rides again in the future, I sure not to worry about it no more. I am living my life today. I am not living for the future or with my past. I take it easy. live it easy. .

There will be so many things that will happen in the future I am certain to that. Good or bad, I will be embracing it, and sure will surpass all of it... Life is tough, but when the going gets tough, Surely that Tough gets going.. :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me...

My Birthday will be in a few hours from now. I wonder where did time goes.. It just passed by on my face so fast. Like the soft air that I feel on my skin. Oh well.. there is nothing to worry. It is just a number that will add to my years. But the face? yeah. still looking like in my 20sh.. LOL!

My 29th year was kind of tough. I still consider it one of the toughest time of my life. Changes that is so drastic, and situations that made me a person that I am today. Their are days that I am OK, but some days were also hard. as in really hard specially when I am stacked home alone in my little apartment. The four corners of my room are my best friend as well as my little computer. This are the things that know the real me. Dramas are included. But here I am standing strong and keeping my head held high. I know in God's perfect time I will be experiencing a wonderful life once more. And It begins to unfold as what my previous post reveal.

Another year added. Now I live 30 years in this beautiful world. I feel so blessed. God never neglect me. He is always there for me throughout my journey. Sometimes I don't understand his decisions, but inspite of that I do-believe that he has reasons and there is a good purpose why he let me experience hard times. God is the best planner. I can attest to that.

My plan on my birthday. To-be honest I want to take pictures as many as I can. I want to shop till I drop. I want to buy jeans, shirts, shoes, sandal, slippers shades, bags, perfume and perfumes.LOL!. I want to go stroll around the mall. I want to eat street foods, junk foods, cakes, ice cream Mc chicken, fries, cook float and Red Hot addidas.. hahaha! I want to spoil myself with all the delicious street junk foodies.. LOL!

Seriously I want to spent my birthday alone.I will be selfish and spent time with ME,MYSELF,and I. I'm not sure if I can-do it though.

Looking forward:

I am looking forward for the decision from CEM in the next 8 weeks. I am excited and real nervous. I hope this time around my heart will not be broken into pieces. Even if this will be my real birthday gift from above I will be very happy and Thankful for all my life. Lord I am keeping my faith in you, I know you will grant it to me..
I love you..

The birthday girl,


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Working girl...

The working girl.,:)This what keeps me busy and I'm loving it.....