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Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

First I wanna Thank all the brave soldiers in this side of the world for allowing us to enjoy the freedom of today. If not with them life might be so hard still.

My first memorial day holiday experience is full of fun and adventure. Me and James along with our Friend Mags and her husband decided to go camping in a lake nearby. We stayed there for 4 Days and 3 nights.  It was my first camping experience and I had a blast.

We have daily routine. Every morning me and Mags will cook breakfast and after that James will drive the boat and all of us will go fishing. We will stay there until 2 p.m come home and rest a little. And before the darkness strikes our boys will grab logs and pieces of woods to make fire. Then they also cook dinner for us.

I would say it was one of the best experience I had in my life. I am so happy I married an adventurous, and understanding loving man.

This was taken on our 3rd Day. My color changed already for I stayed in the sun for almost all day everyday. If not fishing in the middle of the lake We also fish in the bunk. Also the flaws and all in the legs are mosquito bites. Kailangan tlaga mag explain?? hahah!

My friend Mags and her husband Choddy.