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Friday, February 17, 2012

Team building with Wave6F

Here's a picture OF me and some of my Team mates during our team building. We will start taking calls later tonight. We decided to go out together because we don't know if we still be team mates as soon as we hit the floor. I hope that WE will be able to pass TCC. I will definitely try my very best. But if I fail my TCC. It's OK. I'll just find a new job anyway :)


My Valentines...

It's just another ordinary day for me. nothing really special.Life is way more different compared to last year. It turns around 180 degrees and I am kind of used to it. Although I admit that I still have those gloomy days. But it's kind of normal on my end. I can handle it a lot more better anyway.

My friend gave me chocolates and I totally appreciate it. In fact it made me teary eyed. My friends really knows how to make my day. I certainly will treasure them for the rest of my life. They thought that I am expecting flowers from someone(I know it's really impossible that he will send me one). I did not expect anything that is why I was not disappointed when I receive nothing from that person. see? I'm matured now. huh?

I have learnt lesson the hard way and I don't want history will repeat itself. It's my choice if I want to be happy or cry over that spilled milk already. I'd rather choose to have happy life with my choices. I learned that if you will not expect, then you will not be disappointed also. I applied this in my daily life and it really works!

Still I want to greet a Happy Hearts Day to everyone even if it's late... hahahahah!