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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Florida Adventure Part1

I created this post 2 days ago but for some reason my computer freezes and every words I utter was being deleted. Of course I was pissed so I decided to log off and redo maybe later which is today. LOL!

Anyhow to make the story short. Me the husband his Daughter C and Grandson T hit the road last June 20 for our road trip to Disney, Universal Studio and the the beach (Destine).
It was one fun and memorable week for all of us. Disney world did not impress me very much thought. It's not like what you see in TV where all the Princesses and Mickey mouse just walk around and you can snap a photo with them. The fireworks and the show before the night ends is the one that is memorable.  Here's some of the photos I took during the trip

Side view of Cinderellas fancy castle.
Jurassic Park ride where my jaw drop coz I'm a Chicken.. LOl!

We stayed here for 4 nights&5days.
Tuff in front of the famous castle in Disney world
The best water ride ever @ Universal Studi
Ride with Harry Potter.